5 Ways to accept yourself for who you are

In 2016 the 10th most searched term on google was ‘how to accept yourself for who you are‘…

Personally I find this heartbreaking, especially since this is something we rarely speak about, meaning many people are suffering in silence.

This is something I struggled with for most of my life, as I always had that voice in the back of my head telling me I wasn’t good enough, that I was a failure, filling me with self-doubt and questioning my self-worth.

That’s why I help women who have lost themselves find themselves again, so before we get to to this post on 5 ways to accept yourself for who you are, I want to let you know that you are not alone, and that I want to help.

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5 ways to how to accept yourself for who you are.

1) Give yourself permission to focus on you

Recently I spoke to a lady who said that as a single mother with two kids one of the most difficult things she struggled with was focusing on herself.

She felt guilty when even the thought crossed her mind of prioritising herself for once, that it was wrong to have her own goals and dreams, or that it was selfish to want to do something for her own life, health, or happiness.

She said that one of the most difficult realisations she made was that by not doing so, was actually having a negative impact on her family.

Who can blame her though?

At the end of the day as a single mother she was doing the best she could, but that mindset was leading to her feeling like a failure and like what she was doing was never enough.

One day she decided she had to start thinking of herself, focusing on what she did and put into her body, taking time to unwind, relax and get her life on track.

Doing so meant she had more energy for the time she spent with her kids, was less overwhelmed by everyday stress, had more confidence so they could go out and try new things, had stronger relationships and a happier home life.

She felt empowered and the biggest thing for her was that she knew she was being the role model she always wanted to be.

That’s why in order to start accepting yourself for who you are, you need to give yourself permission to focus on you, decide that you deserve to be happy and that every so often there’s nothing wrong with putting yourself first.

2) Practice gratitude

We have this innate habit of focusing on the negatives, getting caught up in everything going wrong and rarely stopping to think about what is going right.

The problem with this is our brains work in amazing ways, and when we focus on something, we get more of that in our lives.

So if you start your day in a negative state of mind, of rushing around, getting stressed out and not taking a second to think, then this is going to be the state in which your continue throughout the day.

This is why it is so important that we take charge of our emotions, and one way to do that is by practicing gratitude.

Spend a few minutes every morning thinking about everything going right in your life, what you have, and what you have to be grateful for.

Starting your day in a positive state of mind is going to directly spill over into other aspects of your day, helping you feel better about yourself, more fulfilled and less overwhelmed.

3) Decide what’s truly important

Ask yourself how many times have you said when ‘x’ happens you’ll be happy?

For instance; When you lose the weight you’ll have more confidence to go out and enjoy life?

Or when you advance in your career you’ll be able to take a step back and spend time with your family?

We spend so much time obsessing over the future, that we forget to live and enjoy the present.

The problem with this is time is the one thing that we will NEVER get back, and even though it may not feel like it, you have a choice in everything that you do.

That’s why you can decide to stop just being present, to embrace and live your life, make the most of everyday and that right here and now, you are going to be happy.

4) Make a list about what you like about yourself

We all have flaws and imperfections that make us who we are, but it is far too easy to focus on what we don’t like and obsess over what we want to change.

This often leads to people spending decades chasing the ideal body, look or life, thinking some outside factor is going to bring them happiness.

The problem with this is that happiness comes from within, so take some time and write down all the things you like about yourself.

Maybe it’s your kindness, empathy with others, patience or love for your family.

Start focusing more on the positives and the negatives will seem far less important, which is going to go a long way in helping you accept yourself for who you are.

5) Forgive yourself

Everything you’ve ever done, felt and experienced has led you to where you are today, and it is easy to get caught up in reliving the past and blaming yourself for things you can no longer change or control.

This can lead to feelings of depression, anxiety and questioning self-worth, causing people to punish themselves with food or other outlets and self-sabotaging their happiness.

The reality is though that your past doesn’t have to define your future, which is why you need to accept that while you can’t change what happened, you can change how you respond moving forward.

Once you recognise that you are in charge of your own thoughts and emotions, and that you and only you can change how you think and feel, then you can let go and move on with your life.

Final thoughts

These are just a few ways of how to accept yourself for who you are, and one final piece of advice I’d like to give you is that one of the best things you can do is to realise that you are never going to be perfect, and that trying to be is setting yourself up to fail from the start.

That’s why our goal is not perfection, it is simply to do the best we can each day, and not get down about or blame ourselves on the times we can’t.

So what I want you to do is take a few minutes for yourself everyday, practice gratitude, focus on the positives and work on forgiving yourself so that you can let go of the past.

By doing so piece by piece you will be able to reclaim your life, taking back control of who you are, the life you want to live and person you’ll become.

To help you take that first step in your journey I’ve put together a FREE 7 Day ‘Self Acceptance’ Challenge.

This 7 day challenge is all about helping you take the first step to changing how you feel inside and out.

Helping you let go of the past, stop blaming yourself and accept yourself for who you are.

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What do you think?

If you can think of any other ways on how to accept who you are, then please share them below, along with any thoughts or comments.

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