Do you recognise who you see in the mirror?!?

Recently I ran a 7 day challenge, and several of the ladies who joined said one of the biggest problems they faced was they didn’t know who they were anymore.

That after all the years of neglect and feeling invisible to the world, they didn’t even recognise who they saw in the mirror, and that everyday another piece of who they once were had faded away.

And this reminded me of one of my clients who came to me a few months ago feeling lost.

She had committed the last 20 years to prioritising her husband and daughter above herself, but then her husband left, and her daughter was going to university, leaving her clueless to who she was anymore.

Yes she wanted to lose weight, but for her it was more than that. She wanted to feel good about the person she saw in the mirror, to have a new found confidence where she could go out, meet new people, enjoy new experiences and not keep settling or holding herself back.

But to do this we had to shift her mindset, we had to get her to overcome the beliefs holding her back, uncover who she truly wanted to be, and break the mould that she was stuck in.

By doing this we manage to uncover a whole new person, and as I know many of you are struggling with feeling this way, I asked her if she would share her story with you, to give you hope, inspire you, and show you that you can reconstruct yourself into the person deep down you have always wanted to be.

This is what she had to say:

“My journey began following the loss of my Father, the grieving process reiterated how unhappy I was with my physical appearance and well being. I’m a very positive happy and successful person always putting the needs and happiness of others before my own. 

I had neglected myself and it was easier to bury my head in the sand then face ME head on. I decided to take action and spent a couple of weeks working out what I wanted and stripping my diet back to basics. I then reached a point where I knew what I wanted but didn’t know how to action it. 

I had followed Byron on a few of the challenges and once comfortable and learning about his story I booked a call and haven’t looked back. For the first time I actually listened and took onboard the guidance given as it was from someone who could relate to my circumstances and goals. 

The journey has been an eye opening experience, not been easy on occasions, plenty of laughter, sweat and tears along the way, most importantly I’ve enjoyed every step. 

Since February I have lost 51lb, changed my diet completely and am now fuelling my body to suit its needs rather eating with my eyes, I previously refused to exercise and am now training each day to achieve the results I have longed for. 

My passion and determination to be and sustain a better ME has been ignited.

My confidence is at it’s all time high and I have faced head on one of my fears by doing an activity to conquer a fear of heights which in time will lend itself to conquering my fear of flying. 

Medically I have moved from “at risk with complications” to “normal” there have been so many positive changes and I’m glad I ignored my insecurities and signed up to a programme offered by Byron its a small financial price to pay for the priceless future that now awaits me. 

Regardless of where you are in your journey if you haven’t already done so book a call and give consideration to joining one of programmes on offer you won’t be disappointed”

For me personally this has been a truly inspirational journey to follow, and one that I am truly grateful I have had the honour of being a part of, and I can’t wait to continue seeing her progress in the coming months.

And if you are feeling lost and alone, I want you to know that it can get better, you just have to decide you want it.

What do you think?

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