Are you tired of being overweight, yo-yo dieting and not getting what you want in life?

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I’m assuming that since you landed on this page you are..

Struggling to lose weight, fighting off cravings and feeling exhausted.

Always acting on impulse, not getting results and confused about what you should be eating.

And it’s tough, in fact, I know exactly how you feel…

– A few years ago I was close to 50 pounds heavier, always comfort eating, exhausted and overwhelmed

– I had no clue what to eat or how to exercise, and believed being healthy wasn’t for me

– I was always low on confidence, uninspired and depressed in both my job and my life

But I completely changed how I look and feel, without changing who I am.

And I’m here to help you take the first step, so that you can too.

About the challenge

You’ll be amazed at how much of a difference 7 days can make to how you feel. 

✓ You will be guided by me, Byron Morrison (founder of Tailored Lifestyles and author of “Become a Better You“).

✓ Only 2 simple rules: no added sugar, no artificial sweeteners

✓ You’ll get the chance to have a FREE transformation call with me to map out your journey

✓ You will benefit of the support of other women going through similar struggles

✓ Have your weight-loss questions answered

I know it’s tough, but you can do anything for 7 days, right?

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By the end of the week you will:

✓ Learn why your previous diets have not worked and the real principles of weight loss

Be able to say no to the daily muffins in the office

✓ Have the tools to make better food choices in your day-to-day life

Feel more energetic and find your focus

✓ Be aware of how much sugar you are eating and how it affects you on a mental, physical and emotional level

✓ Give your body a break and allow it to start recovering from the sugar addiction

✓ Get your body out of fat-storing mode so that you can start losing weight permanently!

✓ Discover the foods secretly containing sugar and how to put together a balanced diet!

This challenge has been designed by Author, Lifestyle and Weight Loss Coach
Byron Morrison

Are you ready to stop dieting and take control of your weight loss journey?