Are you a guy aged 25-34, tired of being overweight, filled with self-doubt and not getting what you want in life?

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I’m assuming that since you landed on this page you are..

Struggling to lose weight, never feeling like you’re good enough and hate feeling like you’re invisible to the world.

Sick of feeling left out, stuck in a rut, and overwhelmed by everyday life.

Wanting to get leaner, stronger and rid of self doubt, but just not sure where to begin.

And I get it, because that’s exactly how I used to feel!

– I was close to 50 pounds heavier and always the guy too ashamed to take his shirt off on the beach

– I had no clue what to eat or how to exercise, and believed being healthy wasn’t for me

– I was always low on confidence, uninspired and depressed in both my job and my life

But I completely changed how I look and feel, without changing who I am.

And I’m here to help you take the first step, so that you can too.

About the challenge

We’re going to cut straight through the BS and dive right into what you need to get the life of your dreams.

✓ Learn about the 4 pillars of success, and how to actually make lasting changes

✓ You’ll get a FREE transformation call to get clarity on how to take control of your journey

✓ We’re going to clear up any confusion on dieting and what you should be eating

✓ You’re going to lose weight, feel more confident and know exactly what to do going forward

✓ You are going to be doing it with the a team who are going through similar struggles, helping support and keep you accountable every step of the way

✓ You will be guided by me, Byron Morrison, founder of Tailored Lifestyles and author of “Become a Better You

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Are you ready to unleash your inner superman and take control of your life?