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Tailored Lifestyles was created with one simple mission: To help as many people as possible live healthier happier lives, by taking a holistic approach in coaching them to improve their wellbeing.
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Employee Wellbeing

There is no denying that healthier happier employees are more productive, focused, better at managing stress, on time, take less sick days, more likely to meet deadlines and generally produce better results.

That is why if you want to maintain your competitive edge and continue to grow, it is essential you find ways to help them find balance by improving their mindset and wellbeing.

This is however is easier said than done, especially when your attention is often always required elsewhere, meaning you often neglect or overlook an aspect that in reality could be substantially holding your company back.

Well that is where we come in, with tailor made services targeting your employee’s further growth and continual development, coaching them to become the best versions of themselves and in turn directly impacting the services you are able to deliver.

Our approach can be tailored around supporting current initiatives to improving employee wellbeing as well as reduce absenteeism and it can be delivered either in group settings, one-to-one or through the use of seminars.


I offer a range of seminars that can be tailored around the areas you wish to improve.

For example and not limited to:

– The basics of nutrition and how to put together a balanced diet

– How to fit healthy eating into a hectic on the go lifestyle

– Achieving balance through managing stress, as well as ways to properly rest and recover

– Developing and implementing healthier habits

– Improving general mindset and outlook on life

– Becoming more active, regardless of how busy they may be

– Ways to improve time management

Lifestyle Coaching

I also offer Lifestyle Coaching in the form of either group or one-to-one sessions, all geared around helping those involved find balance, take back their health and become the best versions of themselves.

By showing you care about the wellbeing of your employees, you will be able to establish a more loyal and driven work force, who are stronger at facing adversity and more results orientated.

It could even be argued the best investment you could make, is an investment in improving your employees health.

All of my packages are be tailor made and delivered in a format and as well as time frame that fits within your company’s ideals, focusing on what both you and your employees need to ensure you have the edge in rising above your competitors.


Byron was extremely forthcoming in offering his services and genuinely wants to promote a healthy and active lifestyle for all audiences. Byron did a Health talk for Siemens that was informative and encouraging. This reached a large and varying audience and we all took something away from the talk. Thank you Byron

Louise Blanchett

Health and Wellbeing Champion

Byron was invited to present to our employees as part of a Health and Wellbeing campaign, something that Siemens is very keen to promote. His talk was very well received by the attendees and the feed-back I have received has been very positive. He clearly knows his subject well and puts across a very clear and powerful message as to how we all need to review our wellbeing choices and behaviours

Gary Hibbert

Health and Wellbeing Champion

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