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5 Strategies to level up your life

I know just what it’s like to be overweight, lacking in confidence and overwhelmed by everyday life.

Feeling stuck in a rut, with no clue how to properly diet or exercise, petrified of going to the gym and not feeling good enough with who I am.

I was always the guy who was too ashamed to take his shirt of at the beach, jealous of the guys with six pack abs and oozing in confidence, wondering why that couldn’t be me.

So instead I spent my days inside playing video games, hiding away from the world and not wanting to face my problems head on.

That’s also why I know that change is possible, after all, I’m living proof it can be done.

So today I’m going to share my top 5 strategies to level up your life, and if I can do these then trust me, so can you.

1)   Get your diet on track

Ah I still remember it like it was yesterday, living off of KFC, Jack Daniels and other fast food, paying no attention to what I ate, and always going for momentary satisfaction over any long-term goals or desires.

Beyond knowing we should be eating more veg, I had absolutely no idea what we should actually be doing, and instead I turned to whatever was convenient, never giving it a second thought.

The truth is though I never even realised how bad I felt until I finally started to feel better, which is the unfortunate reality so many people are living in every day.

And here’s why.

Your body needs a range of nutrients to function optimally, and if you aren’t fuelling it with what it requires, well, then it just doesn’t work.

This affects everything from your mood, to your energy levels, your focus, mindset, motivation, how often you get sick and every other part of your life, so sorting this out is level 1 in upgrading your life.

No, you don’t have to give up all your favourite foods, treats and snacks, but you do need to find a balance where you are eating plenty of veg, fruit, healthy fats, carbs and lean protein as well.

That’s why rather than focusing on what you need to take out, instead your first goal should be finding out what you need to add in.

2)   Engage in strength training

I’ll be honest, growing up I did absolutely no exercise, and this initially started in those nightmare PE lessons, doing sports I hated, with people I hated even more.

That caused me to develop a perception that it simply wasn’t something I’d enjoy, and was only practiced by people I wasn’t like, so naturally I believed I couldn’t do it and it just wasn’t for me.

In fact, the first few times I went to the gym it was so busy and I was so self-conscious, that I left, convincing myself I’d go back later when it was quiet.

Here’s what I’ve learnt though, and I almost can’t believe I’m saying this, but exercise is fun, and hugely rewarding as well, you just need to find the right exercise for you.

But the best way to get the body you’ve dreamed about is through strength training, where you can shed fat and build lean muscle.

And no that doesn’t mean you have to spend every day in the gym, you can get great results from a well-structured plan, working out 3 times a week for 45 to 60 minutes.

You can even start out at home doing body weight workouts to get your confidence up!

Strength training is going to upgrade every part of your life, as you boost your testosterone, get better sleep, can eat more food and feel better about yourself.

3)   Upgrade your mindset

This is what holds you back most, it’s that little voice inside your head telling you that you aren’t good enough, you’re going to fail, you won’t fit in and you can’t do something.

This can cause anything from anxiety to depression, causing you to lock yourself away and never go for the things you want in life.

But once you can get to the root cause of your limiting beliefs, then you can and will shatter the barriers holding you back.

You’ll find a new found confidence to grab life by the horns, finally start reaching your potential and believe you can achieve anything you want in life.

If you don’t change your mindset then you will continue living in a world of despair, constantly overwhelmed, easily stressed, and never happy with who you are.

4)   Have a proper strategy

When you want to change, but don’t know what you are doing it makes it even harder to start, which in turn can keep us stuck where we are.

That’s why you need to work out your goals, and have an actual plan to achieve them.

I can’t stress enough how important this is, especially with how busy we are and time being one of our biggest barriers and commodities.

But if you can work out the end result, then you can work out the exact steps you need to take to achieve it, and from there you can break it down into small manageable chunks.

That way you don’t have to overhaul your entire life, and can build on it as you progress.

This doesn’t just apply to your health and personal life either, and is just as essential for your professional development.

Think of it as grinding away, getting experience and slowly ranking up.

5)   Get some help

There’s no shortage of information out there on what we should be doing, but the problem is we simply don’t implement it, and even when we do, we have nothing to keep us accountable, meaning we quickly lose interest or fall of track.

This is probably the point in the blog where you are expecting the sales pitch, as there’s no doubt got to be some ulterior motive as to why I’m sharing this with you.

And you’re right, there is, but it’s not going to be what you expect and it’s not going to cost you anything either.

Here’s the thing. I’m fed up with seeing guys like you struggling, locking yourself away and not getting what you want in life.

And the reason why I’m fed up is that was me, and I know first-hand how soul destroying it is to live in that world.

Unfortunately, I can’t help you every step of the way, but what I can do is give you the first push, show you that change is possible and give you the tools and knowledge to get started.

That’s why to help you take the first step to taking control of your weight loss journey I have developed the FREE 7 day ‘Man of Steel’ Diet Shred Challenge.

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During these 7 days we are going to clear up and confusion on what you should actually be doing to get the body of your dreams, as you get started on your journey to not only losing weight, but also developing bulletproof confidence inside and out.

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