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Tailored Lifestyles was created with one simple mission: To help as many people as possible live healthier happier lives, by taking a holistic approach in coaching them to improve their wellbeing.
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Chances are you’re here because you’re tired of struggling to lose weight, lacking in confidence and frustrated with not getting results.

It’s tough, and I know first hand exactly how overwhelming it can be, as I’ve been through it myself.

My dads cancer made me realise I needed to do something about my own health, and what I learnt on my own journey inspired my book ‘Become a Better You‘.

That’s also why I became a Lifestyle Coach, to help others who are struggling with what I went through.

The truth is traditional approaches to weight loss simply don’t work, which is why I developed the ‘12/80 Body for Life Programme, based around 4 key pillars:


There's going to be no dieting, no restriction and definitely no starving yourself. Instead we are going to base your diet around foods you love, while still reaching your goals.


Using NLP to dive deep into why you think, act and respond the way you do, breaking through limiting beliefs and past experiences to change your habits, behaviours and relationships with food.


Become more active in a way you actually enjoy, without spending every day in the gym or doing something you hate.


Providing you with expert guidance, coaching and support, helping you stick to and achieve your goals.

Without all four of these pillars it simply doesn’t work, and I’d be willing to bet that’s why you’ve got stuck in the past! 

So if you are serious about making this the last time you ever have to lose weight, then the time to take action is now.

Book a free no commitment transformation call directly with me, where we can have a chat about you, your goals and the challenges you face, and see if Lifestyle Coaching is right for you.

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Healthier, Happier Lifestyles

I was never a big girl but I have always looked "skinny fat". My goal was to look healthier and leaner, and also improve on my fitness level, as I never seemed to be able to achieve that strong and healthy look . Byron went beyond gym workouts. He not only helped me find a way to make the foods that I liked healthier, but we also worked out how to manage time better to include cooking in my schedule. My fitness regime was perfect to fit in my busy schedule and fun to do and when I lacked motivation, my coach was there to ensure I pushed myself. I would highly recommend this service. Truly tailored and effective. Thank you!


Marketing Manager

Byron's coaching helped me find balance in a time of my life when I was burdened by stress and continually gaining weight. Together we looked at my diet and also ways that I could be more active without having to go to the gym, a barrier that previously had always prevented me from exercising. With Byron's coaching I have not only lost weight but also have more energy and while the stress is still there, I have a much easier time managing it. Thank you for your continued help and support!


HR Director

After struggling most of my adult life to lose weight and never keeping it off - and then being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease; this programme has been a revolutionary turnaround in my life. I not only have lost the weight by NOT dieting; I am on minimal medication now due to my changed lifestyle. Thank you Byron for your support and infinite patience with someone who struggled to change a lifetime of bad habits. I highly recommend this programme; IT WORKS!!



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